Swimming pools AQUABAZEN offers only quality pools and their implementation can be provided as "turnkey project". Our pools can be divided into four types: Lined pools Compass Ceramic pools Stainless steel pools Tile pools Materials for different types of pools are made of the highest quality, ensuring trouble-free operation and maximum durability. All our types of pools are suitable for exterior and the interior. AQUABAZEN will provide for you a free professional advice  (Contact us), and a free personal consultation at our branches or even in place for future implementation of swimming pool. Based on your wishes and ideas we’ll give you an advice in choosing the position, shape, material and technology of swimming pool. With this approach we want to achieve the best solution for you. We believe that your satisfaction is achieved even in the smooth use of the new pool   Based on your requirements we will present an accurate quote, project and technical documentation. (Contact us) . Our expertise and innovative approach will ensure the latest technology and trends in this aqua-pool segment. We will provide you the best solution for a reasonable price but above all we have after sales service - customer service, as well as the possibility of ordering a cleaning service care. At the same time, you can order pool chemistry or accessories through our (e-Shop) from the comfort of home AQUABAZEN will provide long-term carefree use of your pool SWIMMING POOLS can be divided by construction and use as follows: Pools with skimmer have the water level below the edge of the pool, about 5-12 cm. Water is sucked from the pool through the skimmers (hole in the pool wall) to filtration and then passed each technology and goes through the wall jets in the pool. These pools are suitable for private use, because of easier and cheaper structures and buildings. Pools with overflow water levels are tensioned at the level of the upper edge of the pool - drain and surrounding terrain. The water from the pool flows through the overflow channel in the cache (accumulation) tank, where is sucked into filtration through technology and then recirculated through the bottom nozzles in the pool. These pools are required for public purposes, but are also suitable for private use. They are divided according to their use for : -Swimming -Relaxation - massage -Atraction -Children -Cooling -Combined
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